What have we learned from the lockdown and how to build the new normal

With or without the lockdown, things were already steadily moving into I-can-work-from-anywhere mode. Whether it’s from home, a hotel room, your favorite spot in the park, the local café, the airport lounge or even at the beach – all you need is reliable connection and a secure device and you’re good to go.

If that was a choice based on different circumstances or just fancy whim up until now, the imposed lockdown made us think seriously about remote work and experience it full-throttle in real-time with all its benefits and challenges.

But what about the aftermath? How do we go back to normal when things finally start to ease and more importantly – do we have to? Now is the time for every institution and organization, private or public, to re-evaluate its working processes both pre- and post-lockdown. It’s time for you to do it too.

How did you arrange the access to your company’s networks, files, data, etc? Did your employees have all the necessary equipment and IT support they needed for a home office and did you have to make any additional expenses related to that? Was your sensitive data protected and how? What did it cost you? What was the impact of the sudden change on your staff? How did they cope? Who will be able to continue working remotely and who will need to go back to the office?

No, it’s not going to take hours of questionnaires and comparative analysis. This free guide helps you compare what is better now and what wasn’t running so smoothly before. Is there something that was actually better before, but isn’t working so well now? Based on that, let’s see what we need to change, and what we need to keep; what we need to adapt and what we mustintroduce? Whatever happens in the future, the lessons we get from making this evaluation will be invaluable, trust us to lead you intomaking the most of them. Enter your details and get this guide emailed to you instantly.

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Rebuild Your Business Post-Lockdown

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