Don’t fall prey to the fastest growing crime in the world

Ransomware is horrifying. Just horrifying.

Imagine turning on your computer one morning and seeing nothing but a red screen, saying your company data has been hacked and you have to pay $700.000 in Bitcoin to get it back. If you don’t pay up in the next 3 days, the ransom doubles. If you fail to pay in a week, your data is gone. Erased.

It’s no joke. We’ve seen it happen. And it’s one of the biggest catastrophes a company can face. You’re locked out of your computers. The hackers have all your customers’ sensitive data.

Without an experienced IT team behind your back, you’re at the mercy of malicious software like this. We’re data security specialists and we protect a lot of companies around here. So, we’ve created a new guide with numerous tips that will make your data hacker-proof. What can you do to avoid being blackmailed? What’s the most common mistake your team could make to put your company at risk? Enter your email to find out.

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What is Ransomware and How Can You Protect Yourself?

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