Working from home due to Covid-19?

Need some help getting your staff working from home?

Crazy times. And if you’re not used to it, working from home can feel crazy too. We can’t help with stopping your kids from interrupting you. But we can help to make sure you’re correctly set up for safe remote working.


Over the last two weeks we’ve helped hundreds of businesses in the Durham Region to get set up, removing their frustrations.

There are four key areas to look at:

– Your data security
– Safe access to company data
– Your home office set up
– And communication, collaboration and management

Who are we? We’re local IT support experts Smarter IT Services, trusted by hundreds and hundreds of people around here.

There’s no need for any physical contact to get you set up for home working. Everything can be done remotely.

Don’t suffer for another day. Click now to learn more about us. And then get in touch. We can help you today.

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