vCIO (Virtual CIO)

Your IT plan shouldn’t focus on computers, and servers, but focus on your business, making you more competitive, and fixing your business issues.

Without an IT Strategy, IT can be a burden on your business, without providing any value. We can find your vision, put a plan together to get you there, and make your business realize the potential it’s been missing out on. Our vCIO Service works with you to create that plan, keeps you on track, and makes sure you realize the value you’ve been missing from IT.

Have you thought:

I have a vision for my business, but I’m not sure how to get there.

This is how our vCIO Service can help your business

IT Strategy Planning

Strategy Developement, Roadmap Development, Quarterly Planning and more. Does your current plan existing on spending more money, or solving critical business issues?

Annual Planning Cycle

Putting your plan in place. We can work with you to keep you on track with your planning, and ensure you resolve those business issues.

IT Workshops

Start with our ITCQ Survey, to see if you’re using IT to gain a competitive advantage. Our Business Issues management workshop can find your key business issues, and help you work through those issues with a structure approach, and find the IT solutions that solve those issues.

vCIO Service

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