Cameras, Physical Security and
Access Controls

From the planning and design phase to installation and support

we have the experience that will ensure your custom solution requirements are met.

We ensure your physical access control system is trusted and reliable. We go beyond troubleshooting, testing and changing your PACS during a trial. We design the software platform and architecture of the product. Eliminate the need for stand-alone Windows servers at every location, increasing maintenance and licensing costs. Security is vulnerable when the server goes down until it can be maintenanced and repaired.

New PACS can provide a more cost-effective service by having an all-in-one access control network. Organizations can deploy two or more network appliances increasing security by synchronizing identities, roles and policies across all locations. Improve reliability, scalability and reduce costs by installing PACS capable of running a virtual server domain.

This system allows for quick set-up and hardware costs to be reduced. Failover becomes more painless than ever before. Downtime is eliminated with a failover virtual machine that is deployed.

We go beyond troubleshooting and testing, we fix your problems


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