7 Critical Steps for Protecting Your Company Data on Your Staff’s Devices

As working from home becomes the new normal, more and more employees are using their personal devices to access sensitive data. If you’re fixated on security like us, you must be asking yourself all kinds of questions.

What if your employees are sharing their laptops with their children? What if they click a suspicious link that compromises your data security? What if George in HR is using the now-dead Windows 7 at home? What if Mary loses her phone and it’s not password protected? What if your employees don’t have an anti-virus?

Unfortunately, hackers are working around the clock to take advantage of the pandemic and people working from home. We’ve seen an upsurge in cyber-crime, data exploits and sensitive information theft.

That’s why you need a good BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy if you don’t want hackers to access confidential company or customer information. That’s why we’ve created a guide with 7 golden rules that let your staff work from home AND keep your data safe. Download it today and forget all your security worries.

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Bring Your Own Device

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